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Chapter V - Page 22 by Liokora Chapter V - Page 22 :iconliokora:Liokora 14 5 Chapter V - Page 21 by Liokora Chapter V - Page 21 :iconliokora:Liokora 14 2 Blade Liger by Ya-u Blade Liger :iconya-u:Ya-u 10 3 Max the organoid avitar by Kardowin Max the organoid avitar :iconkardowin:Kardowin 8 2 Ghost River by GelangweilterToaster Ghost River :icongelangweiltertoaster:GelangweilterToaster 251 41 Zoids Sprites by firedoomcaster Zoids Sprites :iconfiredoomcaster:firedoomcaster 6 1 Organoid: Coal by ArgothiaAndKhaos Organoid: Coal :iconargothiaandkhaos:ArgothiaAndKhaos 6 5 Chapter V - Page 12 by Liokora Chapter V - Page 12 :iconliokora:Liokora 15 15 Art trade - Lucario by KunYKA Art trade - Lucario :iconkunyka:KunYKA 180 41 Departure by Ilkyra Departure :iconilkyra:Ilkyra 3,054 179 Wizardmon and Sorcermon by muounai Wizardmon and Sorcermon :iconmuounai:muounai 21 2 Wizardmon by spacerocketbunny Wizardmon :iconspacerocketbunny:spacerocketbunny 302 74 Wizardmon by GuilTronPrime Wizardmon :iconguiltronprime:GuilTronPrime 8 2 Sorcerymon by GuilTronPrime Sorcerymon :iconguiltronprime:GuilTronPrime 9 2 Gryphonmon by Koza-Kun Gryphonmon :iconkoza-kun:Koza-Kun 118 26 [COMISSION] In the shadows by RedPersik [COMISSION] In the shadows :iconredpersik:RedPersik 80 13

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Zoids Gardian Force - Prelude
In a Shield Liger factory/base the proto stealth shield liger had been completed, escept its core was not active. The head officer of the project would of replaced the core but due to the lasting war and the distance from any other shield liger factories made it nearly impossible to acquire a new core. The republic at least had a organoid within the base, though in suspended animation would prove to jump start the core. Once the pod was successfully connected to the proto Stealth Shield Liger's core the jump-start program was activated. The zoid responded with the humming of it's control panels as they flashed on. The pod opened with a jolt and an angry allosaurus organoid stepped out.
The surrounding ten men were command to hold the organoid. As they rushed at him the organoid slashed one acrossed his chest, bit one on the shoulder, and head bashed another. Before the man with the volt pack could ready h
:icontaraye:Taraye 2 0
Night the Organoid Avatar by Taraye Night the Organoid Avatar :icontaraye:Taraye 3 0 Bogsneak Female by Taraye Bogsneak Female :icontaraye:Taraye 6 0 info on the red purple dragon by Taraye info on the red purple dragon :icontaraye:Taraye 3 8 Ninjajo oc dragon britan by Taraye Ninjajo oc dragon britan :icontaraye:Taraye 4 1 Ninjago OC Britan's Dragon Form from Lego Disgner by Taraye Ninjago OC Britan's Dragon Form from Lego Disgner :icontaraye:Taraye 6 1 Spore Lego Ninjago OC Britan's Dragon Form by Taraye Spore Lego Ninjago OC Britan's Dragon Form :icontaraye:Taraye 4 1 Lego Ninjago Paring Meme 2 0 By Sim Phil-d9gwkjw by Taraye Lego Ninjago Paring Meme 2 0 By Sim Phil-d9gwkjw :icontaraye:Taraye 8 0
Two Masters of Spiritjitzu ch 1
In the Far North of Ninjago, there lays a continent that is harsh and the beast that live there is even harsher. They live by the elements and preyed on each other. These huge beasts are known as Creepers. If any people from Ninjago tread above the mountain ridge, they would soon find that they had become part of the menu. Any village there were quickly abandoned due to these monstrous beasts. The most common, one would run into was the Air Creepers, which resembled a Pharadactal with dragon/bird features that flocked the sky. The next common is the Ice Creepers, Which tunneled through the snow as worms would through the earth as their backs appears as slick snow. The Lava Creepers, which swims through lava as an eel through water and their skin with lava like features would appear each time any volcano in the far north erupt. It is in this almost uninhabited land that our story begins.
Two ninja raced across the frozen land as a flock of Air Creepers pursued. They dashed between rocks
:icontaraye:Taraye 4 5
ninjago Creepers of the North by Taraye ninjago Creepers of the North :icontaraye:Taraye 2 3 Ninjago Scroll of the OC NinjaBritan by Taraye Ninjago Scroll of the OC NinjaBritan :icontaraye:Taraye 2 0 all Ninja pose by Taraye all Ninja pose :icontaraye:Taraye 3 1 Ninjago Fan based Ninja Armor by Taraye Ninjago Fan based Ninja Armor :icontaraye:Taraye 8 1 Ninjago Britan by Taraye Ninjago Britan :icontaraye:Taraye 4 1 Lego Ninjago oc base by Taraye Lego Ninjago oc base :icontaraye:Taraye 15 2 Ninjago Scroll of the OC NinjaTanna by Taraye Ninjago Scroll of the OC NinjaTanna :icontaraye:Taraye 5 0


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One of my fav. songs is 'Keep holding on' from Eragon

I wish I had a scanner

Zoids chotic century/gardian force, century zero, fuzors and genesis (subbed only) are on (yugioh, yugioh gx, yugioh 5ds and other anime as well) for japanese or for english

-I may not be the best, but I'll do my best.-


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I have updated the first chapter, however it is still not completely finished so expect more updates. please do check once a week, every chapter will be submitted separately.


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RomainBowen Featured By Owner May 26, 2017
Pyro Guard Sheild Liger by taraye-d8737bl
Wind Guard Shield Liger by taraye

I may sure give you the credit and i hope may like it 
Taraye Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2017  Hobbyist
could you please attach these links to the page.
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